Creative Astrology Masterclasses

These masterclasses offer focused, detailed and high-quality teaching over a wide range of subjects. Each masterclass will give a distilled and comprehensive picture of the subject, so that you can then apply the ideas to your own chart and/or use them in your own astrological work. In each class, there will be time set aside for interactive discussion, so that you can ask questions and develop your understanding of the material.


They are suitable for different stages of study. The focus will be on deepening into the symbolism, to extend and flex your skills, and encourage fluency in chart work.

Can’t attend live? No problem! Each masterclass will be recorded and you will have access to the recording for 30 days. A PDF of the slides will also be sent to you after the event, for you to keep alongside any charts or other handouts.


Classes are held on Saturdays, 2.30-5pm UK time via Zoom  –  Cost per class: £40

27th April

Life’s Longing for Itself - working with the charts of children

Kim Farley

From being asked to look at possible labour dates, to interpreting a newborn’s horoscope, how might we respond to requests for astrological input? Who is the client and indeed, how can we best serve them?


I’ll outline a mixture of approaches and theories, including ideas on family dynamics, sibling order and the image of the parents as shown in the child’s chart. The class will explore various facets of working with the astrology of children, based on personal experience and examples I’ve encountered over the years.

29th June

Finding Spirituality in the Chart

Carole Taylor

This class will explore the experience of religion and spirituality as shown in the birth chart. Beyond the recognised designations of the 9th and 12th houses, or Jupiter and Neptune, the whole chart can be said to reveal our personal cosmology – our individual way of seeing and relating to the world and thus the essential components of our belief system. We will look at the function of religion and the wide spectrum of beliefs and spiritualities that characterise the contemporary world. We will explore spirituality as a mirror: what does our personal sense of the sacred say about us as an individual and how can this deepen our understanding of ourselves?

The Astro-Consultancy Series

These three masterclasses address our understanding and practice of astrology as a vocational endeavour, from traditional one-to-one consultancy to its myriad manifestations and creative possibilities as a life art. Across the series, we will explore what it means to work with astrology and incorporate it into daily life.


If you wish to (or do) practise astrology professionally, these classes offer practical guidance about working as an astrologer and building confidence in your practice. If astrology is a cherished hobby, they will open up new avenues to explore. Together they are an invitation to enrich your relationship to astrology and foster your skills in working with it.


Classes are held on Saturdays, 2.30-5pm UK time via Zoom  –  Cost per class: £40

18th May

Astro Consultancy – tips, hints, grace notes and pitfalls from the files of a working astrologer

Kim Farley

There are many ways of practising astrology, just as there are various inspirations and motivating factors that can inform our work. What is it like to be a consultant astrologer, meeting with individual clients? What might we need to bring to the encounter that goes beyond the astrology itself, and what might come up in attempting to translate this particular language for another person?


This class will examine these questions and outline ideas around the skills and qualities useful in a consultation setting, as well as some of the issues that tend to arise naturally when we practise one-to-one astrology.

25th May

Astrology, Synchronicity and Divination

Carole Taylor

The practice of astrology has many layers. We learn the components of the chart and different techniques for analysing them – how to mine the chart for information about such things as career, relationships or finance, and how to use the forecasting to suggest what might happen next. Yet a birth chart reading is also an encounter – an encounter between two people, as well as an encounter with the symbols themselves. It is subjective as well as objective. The client-astrologer relationship is like a ‘third force’ which has the power to affect the outcome of the reading – and symbols in themselves evoke an archetypal presence which speaks at many levels and often reveals itself in strange synchronicities. With all this in place, we may sense a divinatory component to our work – a kind of ‘magic’ that flows from that particular client-astrologer encounter, and which guides and shapes the reading.


This class will explore this powerful but less obvious dimension of astrological consultancy. As part of this, we will look at the divinatory mindset and at some key astrologers, such as Geoffrey Cornelius and Lindsay Radermacher, whose work is a helpful guide. Grounding the ideas in practical examples drawn from my own client practice and personal experience, I’ll show ways in which we might acknowledge this dimension and use it to enrich what we do.

15th June

This masterclass is free of charge

Living Astrology

Kim Farley and Carole Taylor

There are so many ways that we might use and apply astrology in our lives. It can be married to other disciplines and skills, such as counselling or complementary therapies. It can inform and inspire all kinds of creative work - for example providing a starting point for performance art or helping us craft the characters of a novel. It can feed into our poetry, painting or musical composition. In essence, there is no limit to its applications.


Is there a particular type of astrology that calls? Experiential work, Electional, Horary or Vedic astrology all have their appeals. Are we interested in socialising astrology via Instagram and YouTube? How might our chart reflect back to us the kind of astrology we are interested in and thus be a useful guide in developing our astrological talents?


We can of course simply connect to it as a life framework, for example by following cycles of new and full moons, or the yearly path of the seasons. Rituals and practices might be purely a personal thing, or shared with our chosen group.


It seems natural that the astrology we are drawn to mirrors our particular understanding of the world, but no single viewpoint can claim a monopoly on the mystery and wellspring of symbols. In that sense, astrology has the capacity to embrace all cultures, with diversity and inclusivity at its very core.