Mentoring groups


Online via Zoom

Sessions per term: 6  –  Cost per term: £300



Each group meets six times per term, for two hours. There is an upper limit of eight people per group, and a lower limit of four.


The groups will focus around the needs of each individual group, but will involve working with a variety of charts and topics, under careful and experienced tutor guidance. They will include personal chart work, as well as chart examples from the tutor and charts brought by members of the group (where appropriate and where permission has been gained). There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.


These groups are a safe, confidential space in which to deepen your understanding, learn more about your own chart, and develop your astrological skills. They are not recorded.


Booking is made term by term, and you are free to join for as few or as many terms as you want. Dates for the summer term will be posted here shortly.




Artemis group

Tuesdays, 3-5pm

23 January - 5 March (no class on 13 February)

Carole Taylor


Apollo group

Wednesdays, 10.30am-12.30pm

17 January - 28 February (no class on 7 February)

Kim Farley



In the mentoring groups, we will work with the charts of participants.

If you feel comfortable allowing us to show your chart on screen,

feel free to send us your birth details when you book.


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Payment must be made in advance via Wise, PayPal or bank transfer. 


To book, email us at 


Cancellation policy:


Once you have booked for a mentoring group for the term, no refunds are offered.


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